Vincenzo Scocuzza knows the recipe to a successful career and healthy, rewarding life. He is an expert in furniture sales and marketing. He has a track record of success in strategic development, management and driving organizations to meet their goals. But perhaps more importantly, he’s a master of managing stress and living healthy.

For the past 10 years, Scocuzza has served as vice president of sales and marketing for NicolettiCalia in High Point, North Carolina. Overseeing all aspects of sales and marketing for the high-volume furniture dealer takes Scocuzza across the country, where he delivers on the company’s value proposition of making the right furniture available at the right time at the right price.

It is a taxing position, one that takes focus, drive and creativity. It also takes its toll on Scocuzza’s mind, body and soul. Scocuzza knows that the best sales and marketing executives–those who will stop at nothing to help both their companies and clients succeed–need to find balance between their physical and mental well-being to reach their goals. This is why he dedicates so much time, energy and effort to educating others about the benefits of alternative medicine.

Traveling the country with a company’s future riding on your shoulders can be taxing. There are the airports, taxis, hotels, meetings and late-night meals. There are the analytics, the reports and the seeming endless challenges that need to be addressed at all hours of the day and night. There is, obviously, a lot of stress.

Scocuzza has mastered the act of balancing high expectations and the need to care for his body and mind. He has found that the secret to sales and marketing success in the furniture industry is to work hard, stay positive and make the most of natural foods and supplements while avoiding the over-processed meals served at so many restaurants across the country.

It works.

He has risen from a customer service manager to an operations manager to his current position of vice president of sales and marketing. It was not an easy journey. In 2010, at a young age and the height of his business life, Scocuzza was diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol levels. His doctors put him on a prescription medication that they told him would lower his cholesterol and allow him to keep living the “road warrior” lifestyle that is so detrimental to the health of so many sales executives–but at what cost?

Scocuzza decided to take matters into his own hands and changed his lifestyle. He vowed to live healthy, eat right and avoid the drugs that came with myriad side effects, including possible liver damage, rashes, digestive issues and memory loss. He changed his diet. He studied natural supplements and began using them. He rested his body, mind and soul. He lost 20 pounds and got his cholesterol levels under control.

And now he’s sharing the things he’s learned about success with others on his website, www.VincenzoScocuzza.com.

The site has become a go-to resource for busy sales and marketing executives looking for ideas about how to manage their busy work lives while at the same time caring for their minds, bodies and souls.

After he has accomplished his day’s work activities, Scocuzza scours the internet for information and resources that can help his peers–other leaders in sales and marketing–live healthy and happy.

There is information about exercise, diet, natural medicine, health supplements and the power of positive thinking. All of these elements, Scocuzza knows, are the ingredients of a successful career and well-balanced, satisfying life.


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